Thursday, March 01, 2007

The A.V. Club lists 13 sidekicks who are cooler than their heroes.

Answering a dilemma that every parent must now face: Adam at
ALOTT5MA questions how to introduce your child to the Star Wars films -- in the order in which we saw them (IV-VI, then I-III), or in the order in which they go chronologically (I-VI)? Discussion takes place in the comment thread. And remember that if you argue for chronological order:

  • Kids also love trade disputes. Nothing like a blockade to get the little ones' juices running. And constitutional crises involving the balance between legislative and executive power. Also, speaking of young ones, that massacre at the end of Sith is bound to please the 5-to-8-year-old set. argument against chronilogical order - Russ at ALOTT5MA

The Shins are interviewed by John Krasinski (Jim from The Office) in a mutual lovefest at Filter Magazine

LHB provides
The Q Magazine List of 100 Places To Find Free Music Online

Rolling Stone lists "the best songs to play while drinking whiskey."

Chartattack lists the ten Canadian indie albums vying for CBC's Galaxie Rising Stars Award.

HARP chats with the new guitarist for Modest Mouse, Johnny Marr. As in formerly of The Smiths. THAT Johnny Marr. Wow.

Get in a Seussical mood on the 50th Anniversary of Cat in The Hat with
Dylan Hears a Who

ALOTT5MA and LargeHeartedBoy


brokenengine said...

# In-Flight Safety — The Coast Is Clear
# Jon-Rae And The River

These are the only two bands on the list that don't make me totally want to crawl into bed and wish music was better.

Johnny Marr in Modest Mouse!?