Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How cool is this: a family event that isn't just for kids. Bunch Family Salon "a symposium of art, music and ideas for kids and parents" aims to let the parents have as much fun as the kids, while indulging in great creative activities that reflect living in an urban playground like Toronto. It's just the type of thing for my friends who worry that becoming a parent means they'll have to give up on some of the fun in their lives.

The event they ran this past weekend had some fantastic activities:

Percussion Petting Zoo — Attendees play with percussion instruments from around the world, selected and presented by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's lead timpanist, David Kent. Hitting things that make noise? That's just all day fun!

Lectures By Kids — Kids give a three-to-seven minute lecture on anything they want. There will be lectures on superheroes, mice and the ocean, to name a few. This is hosted by Trampoline Hall's Misha Glouberman.

Guerilla Opera — An undercover Royal Conservatory of Music opera singer unexpectedly and randomly starts singing throughout the event.

Animation StationNational Film Board of Canada gurus will help kids and parents create storyboards, clay figures and short animated films.

Play With Props — Props from the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People (LKTYP) prop collection will be available to play with.

Broken Social Songwriting — Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew and Jason Collett were on hand to help write an original composition. The lyrics were written by the kids and parents, with the two Scene-sters accompanying on guitar.

No word yet on the next event, but Bunch also runs a Family Dance Party where kids and parents can shake it on the dance floor.

Found through Torontoist

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brokenengine said...

Yeah, I only hope they're still around when Max is old enough to get anything out of it...