Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Those amusing cavemen ads for Geico insurance are being developed into a pilot for next season, about 3 cavemen coping with modern life in Atlanta. Here's the kicker: word comes down today that it's being developed as a drama, not a sitcom. This must be an early April Fool's joke:
ABC's "Caveman" is intended to be a drama, not a sitcom
The creator of the Geico ad campaign, Joe Lawson, says his pilot will in fact be a "powerful drama" about the "prejudice the cavemen experience in their everyday lives." Lawson tells David Kronke: "'Cavemen' will be a powerful drama about social misunderstandings and ignorance, and about how these brave and enduring men struggle to find their way and strive to correct the misperceptions about their kind. It will force viewers to examine the ugly preconceptions that lie within their own hearts and serve as an uplifting saga of men who overcome irrational hatred to inspire a nation

TV Tattle.com
FYI: The actor who plays Ted "Radioactive Man" Sprague on Heroes is Matthew John Armstrong, and he does not play the Geico Caveman. Apparently he gets asked alot.