Friday, March 16, 2007

Whilst warming up for the weekend at The Overdraught last night, a bunch of folks rolled in late. It was a party that was kicked down to the pub from the upstairs restaurant. One of the insufferable lot had the nerve to ask the bartender to "Turn down that f'n Irish music" that was playing on the speakers after the band finished.

It's an Irish bar. The bartender is half-Irish. It's the start of St. Paddy's day weekend. The place is awash in Guiness flags and shamrocks.

Get your ignorant ass out of the bar and go drink at East Side Mario's, unless you want to have a word with Mickey Spillane and F. Scott Fitzgerald (my Irish fist name).

Early Irish fist name drafts:

Peter O'Toole and Colin Farrell
PJ O'Brien and Finn McCool
Bono and Sinead
Chief O'Brien and Fit Finlay
Banshee and Lucky Charms
Daniel Day Lewis and Liam Neeson
Cranberries and Van Morrison


brokenengine said...

We Irish have always been persecuted...sigh...pass the whiskey...

the2scoops said...

And as the snakes were driven from Ireland, so too were the douche-bags from the bar. Else they meet up with Billy Elliot and Ned Divine. Fortunately a glare and the bartender's dry cool wit in reply to their request ("No") sufficed.

mich said...

some people just have no bloody taste

wish we could be partying with you on St. Paddy's have a pint or two for us

the2scoops said...

What, no one can offer up what their Irish fist names would be?

brokenengine said...

Paddy O'furniture and Shamus Byfartin?

sigh, I got nuthin...

Crack la Rock said...

Not Irish but fist names 'Ole'Kentuck' and 'Bertram Salazar' are my boys!