Friday, March 09, 2007


I come into the office this morning. I'm wearing the same clothes as the day before, and humming Steady As She Goes by The Raconteurs. I'm practically glowing, with a bounce in my step. Draw your conclusions.


I went for dinner with friends last night. A long evening of food and wine led to me crashing in their guest room. I rode the subway into work this morning with one of my friends, and we laughed all the way as we re-lived some of the previous night's details. I came out of Union Station to find the weather was beautiful, the sky clear, and the sun bright. It was the first time in months that it was nice enough to walk the route from the station to work outside rather than the commuter tunnels. I arrive at work, get my spare sweater and bathroom kit I keep in my desk. I change, freshen up and I'm good to go. Steady as she goes indeed.