Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why do I go by the2scoops?

2 Scoops (Two Scoops) was a nickname Randy gave me back in high school. Back before there was the internet, you'd have to read magazines and newspapers to know what was going on, and I always seemed to have the scoop on bands, TV shows and news around school. And that evolved into 2 scoops, "one scoop intelligence, the other scoop was wit". We were bored in Geography and wrote a theme song. No, I don't have an Mp3.

When I started an email account, Two Scoops was taken, so I went with the2scoops. And it stuck. It's a way to establish a bit more of a unique web presence, as there are several Jason Carlin's with higher web profiles.

What's Pepperpot?

Pepperpot is a meat stew, stewed meat dish, strongly flavoured with cinnamon, hot peppers, and Cassareep - a special sauce made from the Cassava Root. It's from Guyana, usually served around holidays, and can be made up of all types of meat, but usually pork or beef. The meat cuts are usually odds and ends, hence why I use it to label my posts that are just a bunch of odds and ends with some flavour.

Why are my TV news posts labeled "Teeth on The Dial"?

Before TV's had remote controls as a standard, we turned the channels using things called "knobs" or "dials". When I was a child, about 3 or 4, I lacked the strength to manipulate and turn the dial by hand. And dammit, nothing was going to stop me from watching Captain Kangaroo, Barbapapa or Sesame Street. I found if I bit down on the channel dial, which was at about head height, I could use the rest of my body to torque and turn the channel. This went on for about a year, and over time the channel dial became covered in bite marks.


mich said...

the teeth mark on the dial had me laugh out loud - i can so see you doing that!

I loved Barbapapa! Now they have the boblins! which are very clever and all and sound like a bunch of Irish/ english blobs.

Jenster said...

I just assumed it meant you were 'the good stuff' - a pleasantly unique flavour amongst all of your friends. As in, the 2 scoops of raisins versus all those bran flakes.

I like my explanation better. It has a jingle.

the2scoops said...

"It has a jingle"

It also has an issue of liability. I can't afford all that bran money.