Thursday, March 15, 2007

I was at a family dinner last night, and I ended up explaining about Craigslist, the free online community billboard (Wiki). It's essentially a free community billboard, full of job ads, items for sale, houses and apartments, personal ads, just about anything really. It's how I found those last two roommates and I had a much better return rate than paying for ads in the local papers.

Somehow the conversation turned to my family asking why I wasn't in a computer-related job field. Apparently the fact that I know how to find North America's 8th most popular website should translate into some sort of income generating business (yes, it's called "Google"). Then I was asked how come I hadn't thought of it first. I decided not to get into a "no one gets rich off a free public forum", and fortunately their attention returned to Entertainment Tonight and the search for Anna Nicole's baby's daddy.