Thursday, January 25, 2007

Apparently you can check into rehab for anything these days, including homophobia and career suicide. Stupid stupid Isaiah Washington

Let's review the drama and attention drawn to Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington:
  • He calls co-star T.R. Knight a "faggot", which leads to T.R. outting himself but not on his own terms. The f-bomb is revealed as the cause of a fight between Patrick Dempsey and Washington, and it seems to blow over after T.R. comes out.
  • Months later, Isaiah gets called on it in the Golden Globes press room and denies calling T.R. a "faggot", causing an palpable air of discomfort as he pretty casually drops that word in public. Katherine Heigl, who I've underestimated, had the stones to publically call him on his B.S. This is followed by T.R. going on the Ellen Degeneres show and he talks about what happened, how everyone heard him being called a "faggot' and why he came out at that point.
  • The f-bomb has overshadowed everything from the Golden Globe awards. At this point show producer Shondra Rimes still hasn't issued a statement, which she finally does this week.
  • All the negative press prompts ABC executives to get involved, which leads us to this week when Isaiah checked into a rehab centre to get to the bottom of his homophobia, which apparently is a problem involving his "soul". Not booze, not because he was abused as a child, or forced to wear pink socks to school, but his soul is troubled. Nice way to pin it down on an abstract concept and not take the blame. D-Bag.
So Isaiah is apologetic, but not really. Whether he still has a job is up in the air. If Dr. Burke is written off the show, it's doubtful he'll be given a fond farewell or even the dignity of a flaming helicopter falling on him; it will be off screen and everyone will just move on. You can't watch Grey's Anatomy now without thinking just how the hell can they do their jobs and share scenes with each other after all of this. And just what would have happened if this was reversed and Patrick Dempsey or T.R. Knight had dropped an n-bomb on Washington? Mhmm.

If all goes well, maybe we can open the Isaiah Washington Rehab for the Homophobic. It will look just lovely in the brochure next to the Marge Schott School of Race Relations.

And why do I use the word "faggot" in quotes? Because that was Isaiah Washington's word, not mine.