Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Van Halen is one of this year's Rock and Rock Hall of Fame inductees, and usually the inductees play a song or tune at the ceremony. I've been speculating which version of Van Halen would potentially play: the original line-up with David Lee Roth singing (1978-1985), or Sammy Hagar (1985-1996)? The Roth line-up had the biggest hits and was the most rocking with "Panama" and "Hot for Teacher", but Hagar was part of the period that saw the band reach a wider commercial audience with "Right Now". Over the years, both singers, and the many lesser-knowns who followed Sammy Hagar, have had multiple falling outs and reunions, so it's anyone's guess who would show up in Cleveland.

In what looks like a sign of things to come, Roth is back yet again for another go round.

Van Halen reuniting with Roth for summer tour - Yahoo! News