Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I've got a touch of writer's block today, so this seems like a good time to peek in on some old and new blogs I read:

A good deed is its own reward for Accordion Guy in a sweet story about karma, Craigslist, two sweet girls in love, and of course, playing Fatboy Slim songs on an accordion. Accordion Guy and Very Well Red (aka Mrs. Accordion) respond to an ad “Be A Part Of Our Wedding”. Read how it all unfolds here: Accordion Guy: A Craigslist Wedding

Townie Bastard is keeping me up to date on life in Iqaluit, where even he is wavering to the temptation of the iPhone. Mac Whores Unite!

I’ve fallen for the voyeuristic charms of Seen Reading. The Toronto-based site’s premise:
    1. I see you reading.
    2. I guesstimate where you are in the book.
    3. I trip on over to the bookstore and make a note of the text.
    4. I let my imagination rip.
    5. Readers become celebrities.
    6. People get giddy and buy more books.
She left off #7: Readers of the blog keep checking to see if they’re Seen Reading.

LORD OF THE WINGS, patron saint of all things wingy, has a great spicy wing recipe, courtesy of the show License To Grill.

Impulsive Buy is always good for a laugh with reviews of new products, mostly things that haven’t (and shouldn’t) make it up here to Canada. Among the hits lately:
    Clamato Energy Drink
    “as appealing as combing the armpit hairs of a juiced up Eastern European female bodybuilder with a voice that sounds like James Earl Jones.”
    Jalapeño SPAM – a review that reminds me of Simpson’s episode where Homer Simpson eats insanity peppers and goes on a vision quest.


Julie Wilson said...

Thanks for the mention!

Be "seeing" you...


towniebastard said...

I'm a total Mac Whore. There are four iPods in the apartment, an Airport Extreme and and an iBook. Come the fall the iBook will be gone and I'm getting a MacBook Pro and I've convinced my wife that Windows sucks and she wants a MacBook for herself.

Mac Whore + real salary for the first time in my life = Trouble

Jenelle said...

I'm very guilty of #7.

the2scoops said...

Townie: I'm not a complete Mac Whore, but I'm willing to shill for product in return. So that would make me a wannabe Mac Whore.

I'm devoted to my iPod and iTunes. I'm ready to make the jump from PC to Mac, so the next computer will likely be a Mac laptop or desktop. The Apple Store would also be the first "Lottery Win" stop.

I had the chance to try out that iPod Hi Fi ($400 boom box sized speaker) and was impressed by the quality of sound. And I noticed some stereos are coming with iPod ports/docks, and we're starting to see some bluetooth compatible stereos from Sony.

So many shiny gadgets. Damn you Steve Jobs.

the2scoops said...

Jenelle: I think #7 is quite a brilliant way to keep people coming back. It's got me hooked.