Monday, June 25, 2007

I really wish I had mis-read this, but I didn't. A sad and strange story is unfolding:

WWE Canadian wrestler Benoit, wife and son found dead

Damn. I idolized that guy. How the hell does something like that happen?


Nikita said...

It frightens me that the Wrestling groups are 'celebrating' his life when he has possibly just murdered his family.

the2scoops said...

Some folks started paying tribute before the facts came in. Even when it was suggested as a murder-suicide, I assumed it was similar to the death of Phil Hartman when he was murdered by his wife. As more details became available, it became clear that the worst-case scenario had come true, that it looks like Chris did it. WWE pulled their testimonials off the site once word came down it was a murder-suicide. I just don't think anyone knows what to do.

I'm having trouble reconciling his accomplishments in life with this final, gruesome act. I swear to God, he was the last person I could imagine doing this.

Jenster said...

Fascinating that you thought it was a Phil Hartman situation. I heard 3 dead, murder-suicide, and immediately thought "I wonder just how much the steroids messed with his brain."

the2scoops said...

To be specific, G. texted me that it looked like a Phil Hartman. Then again, like I said, he was the last person I thought would do this.

But yes, steroids are being investigated as a factor in his behaviour, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was.

There isn't a Retirement Home for Old Wrestlers. On the list of all the wrestlers I liked as both a kid and an adult, probably more than half were dead before the age of 50.

the2scoops said...

WWE is showing some tact:
"Tuesday night’s ECW program began with an apology from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon concerning the (Chris Benoit) tribute show that aired Monday night where the information being the murders of Nancy and Daniel Benoit were not yet quite known."

brokenengine said...

I wouldn't have pegged you as a square circle fan!

the2scoops said...

I watched wrestling regularly in my 20s (the era that saw the rise of The Rock, Jericho jumping to WWE, pretty much up to the Wrestlemania where Benoit won the title).

I don't watch it anymore, but I read the write-ups. Usually I like to follow the behind the scenes stuff.