Monday, April 09, 2007

As one chapter ends, a new one begins. Yes, it's hockey sacrilege for me to suggest that the Leafs and Canadiens were in a neck and neck race to be eliminated in the opening playoff rounds, but it was an exciting game on Thursday. Shame that the elimination by the Islanders was so anti-climatic. And as they say, there's always next year.

"I could die and never see the Leafs win the Stanley Cup. Keep that on your conscience, boys."

- Private Keegan, in the CBC documentary "The Crazy Eights", a video journal of filmmaker Gordon Henderson's time with The Royal Canadian Regiment Charles Company Eight Platoon in Afgahnistan.

A new chapter continues just outside my office door, as the Blue Jays home opener is tonight. The winning ways continue in the family as Dad managed to win a pair of tickets for tonight's game. I'll give you the scoop on how that goes, as my sports education continues. I was never a sports guy growing up, but lately I've been making an effort to learn a bit more, mainly so I know what the heck Rando and Rayzer are talking about. The education continues further this spring as I've joined the company softball team. Now all I need is an afternoon at the batting cages and one of those mitteny glove things and I'm all set.