Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Whoo hoo! NBC RENEWS '30 ROCK' FOR 2007-2008 SEASON.

Glad to hear this, the shows been building creative momentum for months. Not sure if this would have happened if the contract for Kevin Reilly, President of NBC Entertainment, hadn't been renewed. Kevin's the one who gave the struggling "The Office" a chance and allowed it to build an audience. It's the same shot that "30 Rock" needs. And anyone who keeps Tina Fey on my TV is okay in my books.

Typically when a new network president comes in, they are looking to establish a self-made reputation. They'll want to get rid of any holdovers from the past president that aren't doing well (the last seasons of The Drew Carey Show for example) in favour of new projects.

To celebrate this, and the April 3rd birthday of Alec Baldwin, here's a highlight reel entitled "Reasons Alec Baldwin Won The Golden Globe".

"About 5 inches, but it's thick."

The fun part has been that, as good as Baldwin is, the rest of the cast are improving just from trying to keep up with him. You can watch the whole season and see Tina Fey improve her on-screen performace from shaky at the start to comedy gold in recent episodes, such as the brawl with Isabella Rossellini.

Updated: Alan Sepinwall has a column up in praise of 30 Rock "Long live Liz Lemon!"