Monday, April 02, 2007

Well, THAT was the last film I ever thought I'd reference in a conversation:

Jason: I'm looking for why we're overbudget.

Rando: (joking) What if you find out it's going to some off-shore account?

Jason: Well then I expect to be lured to a party at a beachfront house where I'll be whacked.

Rando: Huh?

Jason: It's how Weekend at Bernie's starts. Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy are accountants who find out someone's embezzeling funds, but don't know it's their boss, Bernie, who invites them to his house for a party where he's going to have them killed, but through a comic turn of events, Bernie gets killed and...

Rando: (blank stare)

Jason: Oh God, I just compared something in my life to Weekend at Bernie's...