Tuesday, February 06, 2007

BoingBoing has an article up that points to a problem I, as a non-parent, never considered: WiFi signals interfere with baby monitors.

I know that Wireless Internet is a popular option, but my experience with it has been hit and miss, especially with the cordless phones I have at home. But I never stopped to think about the possibility of WiFi interfering with baby monitors and vice-versa. There's a market out there for a reliable guaranteed WiFi, and Philips seems to have made one:

Philips interference-free baby monitor
... Philips sent me a review unit of their new DECT Baby Monitor with the
claim of "guaranteed zero interference."
DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless
Telecommunications) is a digital wireless standard that was imported from
Europe. I don't know all of the technical details and at $200, the DECT Baby
Monitor isn't cheap. But we've used it every day (and every night) for six
months and it has never failed us, never suffered from interference, and never
knocked out our WiFi. The Baby Monitor has various other features like a
temperature monitor and can also play several lullabies, but the product's
biggest selling point is that it works. And in my experience with baby monitors,
that's saying a lot.

Link to buy the Baby Monitor,

Link to the Philips product page


mich said...

i know that our had a lot of interferce and greg couldn't sleep with it on
Solution - I slept in Brenna's room on occasion ( which was to say that being a 1st time parent I was paranoid)and we saved $200.00

Luckily we don't have to worry about that anymore