Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Writer Matt Seitz (The House Next Door) has known actor/writer Owen Wilson on and off since Owen’s “Bottle Rocket” days back in Dallas. Matt has written a really thoughtful essay on Owen Wilson, part living eulogy praising Owen, part condemnation of how the media is portraying the reported suicide attempt as the latest example of the “sad clown” stereotype, and going out of their way to manufacture signs that this was coming (the oft-sighted suicide scene in "The Royal Tenenbaums" which he co-wrote).
(Owen is a) "good-time shaman; when he appears, you smile, because know you're about to have fun. He makes good films better and bad films tolerable. Onscreen, he's a human sunbeam," and hopefully he will return from the abyss in which he finds himself, "a fog comprised of biography, present-tense experience and body chemistry" as Matt puts it, and make a full recovery.

(quotes pulled from ALOTT5MA)
I’ve been a fan of the bulk of Owen’s output, from his screenplay work to some really brilliant acting work. I mean, this was a guy who managed to get laughs out of me during “Armageddon”, and I’m smiling now thinking back on his roles in “Zoolander”, “Meet The Parents”, and “Shanghai Knights”, which were decent movies that were elevated largely to Owen’s performances. And I’m saying honestly, who hasn’t found themselves at a dark place in their own lives at one time or another? Owen just slipped further down than most of us. So now the media needs to respect his space, stop speculating, and just give him some time. Because he’ll get better. And he’ll start working again, and hopefully writing more.

All the best to you Owen, and when you come out of this, I plan to be in line to see your next success.