Friday, July 20, 2007

Item One: cartoon by John Fewings

Item Two:

My friend Nikita sent me this CBC story. Apparently some street signs in her neighborhood have gone missing and the City of Ottawa is going to some extraordinary measures to deter thieves:

The City of Ottawa is trying to make sure no one takes the High Road anymore — the street sign, that is. The street name in Gloucester is one of several across Ottawa that now tower up to six metres above the ground instead of the usual 2½, and are secured with tamper-proof bolts in an effort to deter thieves.

Mary Jane Cres., High St. and Trojan Ave. are a few of the Ottawa street names that have often gone missing.(CBC)

"We actually went to the extent of greasing the pole a little bit just to ensure that somebody trying to shimmy up to it couldn't get to it," said Kevin Wylie, who is in charge of all City of Ottawa street signs.

CBC News: Extra-high street signs give Ottawa thieves the slip