Monday, July 09, 2007

My encounter with the idiot who brought his 4 year old nephew to Transformers puts me in mind of another topic: what movies have you seen a parent bring kids to, only to leave or complain when they realized it wasn't a kids movie? I usually assume someone didn't take the time to actually look into reading a write-up or rating to see if it was approriate.

My winner: the mom who brought her little kids to see "South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut". She figures "hey, it's a cartoon, it's find for little Bobby and Rachel". And the opening is a parody of Disney cartoon songs, "Mountain Town". Then the characters go see the Terrence and Phillip movie.

Which features the song. You know the song: "Uncle F*cka" (wiki)

One line into the song, and mom clues in and takes her kids out of the theatre.

Any other close encounters with stupid parents?
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Nikita said...

I'm not sure about stupid... but definitely misinformed. There were kids watching Pan's Labryinth. I think the parents thought it was Bridge to Terebithia which was in theatres at the same time. You would think the subtitles would be the tipoff that this was less a kids movie and more a foreign horror fantasy.

Jenster said...

I sat down the row from a 5 year old at the stage version of Rent. I'm not sure I'm old enough for Rent...

Rebecca said...

The family who brought there under-10 brood to "The Two Towers" - the father was constantly up and down running one of three kids to the bathroom, to get more popcorn/pop, or to take them out when they got scared. The best part? They were in the middle of a crowded row.

the2scoops said...

The mom who brought her kids to see "Office Space". In her defense the movie was mis-marketed as a sitcom-like comedy. She realized her mistake when the gangsta rap started playing during the scene where the guys kill the fax machine.

I've heard about, but never witnessed, parents who would rather bring an infant to a movie instead of shelling out for a baby-sitter.