Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'll get around to blogging about the weekend later today. Post-long weekend is busy, so I'll update the blog tonight.

Weekend included:
  • a "thumbs-up trip to Solferino Gelato Cafe in downtown Toronto
  • an encounter with "The Interloper"
  • a great gig by the surf-rock party band "The Calrizians" at The Dakota Tavern (including a surf guitar rendition of Ozzy Osborne's "Crazy Train")
  • the latest in a continuing series of going away parties for one friend
  • a Victoria Day picnic with a touch too much sun, and confirmation that see-saws are still fun
  • some moron conducting a "Show Your Kids How To Use Roman Candle Fireworks In The Middle of A Park in the Afternoon" session


brokenengine said...

I saw The Calrizians play out of the back of a truck a couple of weeks back, across the street from The Shoe. Fun!

Hey man, so, what did you think of your one +nurse experience? And, you can be honest...