Friday, May 11, 2007

Reminder of the final +nurse gig at the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St West) tonight. And the pillow fight smackdown at Nathan Phillips Square tomorrow.


"None of those reasons mattered until I met you."

- Pam (Jenna Fischer) to Jim on last night's priceless episode of The Office.

That episode should be her Emmy submission, and it officially got me back on to "Team Pam".

"Newsarama: Finally Grant, could you ever see yourself doing something like this again?

Grant Morrison: No. It's a bit like having sex with a jellyfish: once might an interesting experiment, twice would be perversion! "

"At last, we see the secret that lies in Spider-Man's heart: It's Peter Parker's desire to dance as if he were in a revival of Cabaret."


brokenengine said...

Thanks for coming Jason! Sorry I couldn't talk more, I was so rushing around...