Sunday, February 08, 2009

With the use of CoverItLive, let's give this a whirl, shall we? It's going on at ALOTT5MA too.

Twitter feeds I pulled into the liveblog:

diplo DJ, collaborator with M.I.A.
stereogum online outlet for indie and alternative music
postrock - Washington Post music columnist
qoolquest Ahmir, ?uestlove, Drummer supreme for The Roots. Da' Man himself.

(Quest twitters like mad, including this from the night before:

"haaaaaaaa! thom yorke is jammin! he dancin like a muppet on acid. i love it. how he got more soul than 10 of post modern rnb artists?"

- On Saturday night, the Roots' Questo tweets about the Radiohead lead singer busting moves at an LA Grammy party.

And you can find me on Twitter at the2scoops. Now on with the show.